Columbia 300 The Beast Mode Review by Joel Ricketts


The_Beast_ModeThe Beast Mode Review
We here at teamed up with Columbia 300 to produce a new ball, The Beast Mode! We wanted to bring back the awesome reaction that the Beast line of balls is known for, and a limited amount of balls made. We had only 400 of these balls produced! I think we hit a home run with this ball. We used the Modified Messenger Core. The RG numbers are 2.56 and has a .047 diff at 15 pounds. We wanted to use this core to get the ball down the lane and retain as much energy and motion on the back of the lane as we could. We used the CR300 cover that is found on the popular Eruption Pro. We added some pearl to this cover to also make more motion on the backend of the lane.
With the core and cover combo we explained above, I think you can tell we wanted a ball tha turned heads when it hit the backend, but also had that classic Beast performance, updated with today’s amazing technology. When I did the video and the testing of this ball, I really wanted to go into it with an open mind and to be objective. I was so pleased with the reaction and pin carry, and hitting power this ball has. We, as a team with Columbia 300, nailed the reaction we were looking for. Its going to be a ball that will work great for all styles of players, and on a wide range of lane conditions. For me it struggled on the heavy volumes, but as soon as some of that heavy oil went away I am able to play with this piece for a long time.
The shelf appeal and cosmetics of this ball are awesome. We used an Ice Blue color with a little bit of silver. The ball looks amazing in my bag and even better going down the lane. The original orange color for the logo really pops off the ball, but doesn’t look off colored as it goes down the lane. With the backend motion and the color of this ball, people will surely be asking you what it is that you’re throwing. C300_Freeze-Core


IMPORTANT: We only had 400 of these balls made. Once they are gone, they are gone. We will not be ordering anymore, which actually is a shame because of how good this ball is. Don’t miss out on this piece, it is really something awesome. Get one of these, shoe up, and have fun!! Thank you as always for reading our blogs and checking out our videos! I look forward to getting these balls out to you guys!

RG:  2.56 (15#)

Diff:  .047 (15#)

Finish:  500, 500, 500, Abralon®, 1500 Abranet™ Soft,

Factory Polish @ 300 RPM

Coverstock:  CR300

Weights:  14-16

Thank you,
Joel Ricketts

Columbia 300 The Beast Mode by Zack Jellsey


Here is my review for the highly anticipated exclusive The Beast Mode from C300. I gotta admit, a release of this magnitude had me pretty excited to give it a try.

Took this beauty out of the box and couldn’t wait to start drawing lines on it. Went with a favorite layout of mine 5 1/2×4 1/4 with no weighthole, this put the pin IN my middle finger. This polished pearlized BEAST got thru the front of the lane with ease and a touch of midlane before unleashing a furious backend motion I haven’t seen from too many balls. This ball reminds me of the old skool Columbia balls like the Out Rage. Right out of the box I threw about 14 in a row with it just “standing left and throwing right”. It came back from almost anywhere and shredded racks. I would give #beastmode a 9/10 for reaction only avoiding perfection because I don’t think it would handle decent oil volume especially out of box.

Shelf appeal on this nugget is definitely there. This powder blue pearl looks very nice and the old orange paint fill from the original Beast on maybe the coolest logo I have seen “The Beast Mode“. This thing will surely turn some heads. I will say 9/10 for shelf appeal as well making this ball a real winner in my eyes.

C300_Freeze-CoreRG:  2.56 (15#)

Diff:  .047 (15#)

Finish:  500, 500, 500, Abralon®, 1500 Abranet™ Soft,

Factory Polish @ 300 RPM

Coverstock:  CR300

Weights:  14-16

The beast,
Zack :-)

“Grudge Match with the Queen and a PBA Legend”


 I wanna share a little bit about what was probably my favorite best day of my bowling career. The day that my wife (Jenelle Jellsey) and I got the pleasure of bowling Dave Wodka and Diana Zavjalova aka The Queen or #Q as I call her :-)

1972495_718633254836089_1896688769_nIt all started as a fun joke that I never expected to actually happen. Then a few Facebook posts and 500+ comments later the date was set for the infamous #grudgematch.1655373_718633518169396_640969028_o Jenelle and I were going to bowl Dave and Diana in a 2 game total pins match for bragging rights as well as a wager to help the junior program at Empire Bowl. Whichever team lost would donate $1 per pin that they lost by to the juniors and Ebonite was donating $100 either way. Who wouldn’t wanna be a part of this?

1622351_718633548169393_1333969483_oNow onto the bowling…

People filled the center ready to watch this and we hardly even promoted it, just some word of mouth. We had about 200 people watching live. This made me incredibly nervous, especially being that most were rooting for us and were loyal customers of mine. It was pretty tough for me to execute the way I wanted/needed to and my wife caught several horrible breaks d1926071_718633434836071_1990204365_ouring game 1 allowing Dave and Diana to do what they do and bowl great and take a commanding 60+ pin lead into game 2


1911161_718633161502765_1681879663_oGame 2 was all Dave and Diana, they struck early and often and UNTIL THEY WERE BLUE IN THE FACE. Both smashing out games of 279 while Jenelle and I struggled and watched in awe. Final score was Diana/Dave: 1041 over Jenelle/Zack: 8661898731_718632681502813_1013044232_o

These 2 are amazing talents. I have seen and known Dave to be for quite awhile but this was my first time seeing Diana bowl and WOW was I ever impressed. This girl is something special. No surprise whatsoever that she busted on the scene with a win of the USBC Queens. A win of that magnitude should come as a shock to some, not me, not after seeing her bowl.

1890587_718634268169321_1527635445_oDave’s words on the match “Thank you to Ebonite, Empire Bowl and for coming up with this idea. I am glad we could raise some money for the Junior Bowlers and inspire them to stay in the sport” – Dave Wodka1891419_718633031502778_436643612_o

Diana’s words: “It was simply awesome! I love helping people and it’s always great to see people supporting you! It was definitely a very fun event and the best part was me kicking my boyfriends butt :)”

This was a special day and event for me, my wife, my kids and fans at Empire Bowl and I hope and pray that we can do it again and make it just as awesome if not better!

Also, Ebonite gave out a Ebonite Pivot Point to the winner who guessed the winning score!!

1537942_718635144835900_1838323418_oThank you Neil and Joel with

Thank you to Dave and Diana

Thank you to Will Mossontte of Empire Bowl

Thank you to Ebonite

Thank you to all of our fans and followers

Til next time,
Zack Jellsey


Columbia 300 Disorder Review by Zack Jellsey


My review for the newest Columbia 300 ball, the Disorder. I haven’t thrown a Columbia ball since the Momentum (one very good ball).

I drilled this ball 4.5×4.5 placing the pin under my ring finger. I had heard this ball was fairly strong for such a lower price point. One word I would use to describe this motion is SMOOOOOOOOOTH.


I don’t know if it is the layout or me or what but this ball is very rolly for me. Perfect for blending out wet/dry conditions or fresh sport patterns. I would rate it 6/10 for overall reaction only because I felt it lacked versatility.

Shelf appeal on the Disorder is very good. I like the blue/green combo or bright colors and the logos are just OK. I would like to see the logos match the personality of C300 a bit more and be a bit more exciting. I will give it 6/10 for shelf appeal as well.

Weight RG Diff MB
12 2.49 .039
13 2.53 .055
14 2.50 .042
15 2.46 .040
16 2.47 .035

Talk to y’all soon,

Radical Yeti Unleashed Review by Zack Jellsey


Yeti_Unleashed_lrg__60853.1393342129.1280.1280Bringing you the review for the latest performance release from Radical, the Yeti Unleashed. The first time I have thrown a ball from this price point.

I drilled this nugget 5″ x 4″ putting the pin under my bridge. I was hoping for control and predictability. Exactly what I got in this ball. It clears the fronts pretty easily, starts picking up in the midlane but not too early and continues with a smooth arc thru the pins. A decent amount of hook and never really over reacts =


a perfect benchmark type ball.

I had most success with this ball when I used it during a league in which we bowled on a hooking US Open pattern, I could throw it for a game maybe game and a half until they blended out then I could switch to the LT-48 and open em up a bit. I would give this ball a 7/10 for overall reaction.

Shelf appeal on this ball is solid, especially if polished up a little bit. The labels are pretty cool and colors are decent. Im not in love with the black/red combo but it is OK. I would give it 6.5/10 for shelf appeal.

RG MIN            RG DIFF

12LB        2.597              0.040
13LB        2.574              0.040
14LB        2.498              0.054
15LB        2.482              0.054
16LB        2.471              0.054

Thanks and until next time,

AMF Darkness Review by Zack Jellsey


DARKNESS_BALL_IMAGE__97943.1391295217.1280.1280.jpgHere is my review for the latest AMF release, the Darkness. A few things pop out at you when opening the box, like the gigantic logo DARKNESS. Nobody will wonder what ball you’re using!!

I used one of my favorite benchmark layouts on this nugget. 4 x 4 putting the pin in my ring finger, no weighthole. This ball comes out of the box extremely gritty. I wasn’t sure what surface it had on it or if UPS had mistakenly drug the ball to me. Anyhow, it didn’t roll too bad at all for being so hairy. A very smooth transition as I would expect but never really saw it puke. Towards the end of filming is was gettin harder to get it down the lane and still make it turn the corner, however it was still very effective. I can’t wait to try this at some different smoother surfaces and see what else it can offer. I will say 5.5/10 for overall reaction (could be higher at some different surfaces)

Shelf appeal, again not crazy about the surface it comes at. That should be something the bowler can add, never from the factory just for this reason. It’s a solid black color, which I like but it appears gray from the sanding lines. Combine that with the gigantic DARKNESS logo and I don’t think many will be attracted to it. I will say 4/10 for shelf appeal.

Coverstock F77 Weight  R.G. Diff 
Color Midnight 16 LB 2.464 0.054
Finish 4,000 Abralon 15 LB 2.479 0.054
Core Type Symmetric 14 LB 2.501 0.054
Sku# 1921-10-XX 13 LB 2.554 0.042
Available Wts     12-16 LB. 12 LB 2.622 0.028

Thank you all for reading,

Motiv Covert Revolt Review by Zack Jellsey


MTVBRVKCS_Revolt_Front__15966.1389130624.1280.1280.jpgIntroducing Motiv’s latest masterpiece, Covert Revolt!! This is the first Motiv ball I have received for a review and I could not be more pumped up! I drilled a Sigma Sting and the #redball and I really loved those balls.

I slapped a 5.5 x 4.25 putting the pin IN the middle finger. Popped a p2 hole to open up those flare rings a bit wanting a smooth early read with big continuous backend motion. That is exactly what i got. This ball is just plain WOW!! As strong as any ball I have used yet never stops hooking and very smooth and easy to read. There won’t be many conditions I couldn’t use 1 of these on. I gotta give this ball a…wait for it…yes…a perfect 10/10 for reaction. One of the best balls I have ever thrown.

Shelf appeal is decent due to the always awesome Motiv logos but a bit “plain” in color with the hazy charcoalish black color. As I have stated before, I love solid colored dark balls but thats me (and im weird) so I personally think its beautiful. I will say 7/10 for a general public opinion (if you guys allow me to vote for you) LOL

Item#: MTVBRVKCSMTVBRVKCS_Revolt_Halfcut__54267.1389130624.1280.1280.jpg
Weight Range: 12# – 16#
Inner Core: VanquishTM
Coverstock: TurmoilTM HFS Reactive
Finish: 3500 Grit Sanded
15#RG:2.47, Diff: .056
Ball Color: Black Smoke NeoMark Color: Gray/DkGray

I can’t wait to throw more like this one,

Hammer Black Widow Assassin Review by Zack Jellsey


Hmr_BlkWidAssassin__40585.1390374832.1280.1280.jpgI feel honored to be reviewing this latest Hammer release, the Black Widow Assassin. I have never had the pleasure of using one of “the spider balls” so this will be pretty exciting.

I made sure when i mapped this bad boy out that it would get down the lane so i went with a 5.5″ pin to pap placing the pin above my middle finger. This ball clears the front of the lane with ease. Strong midlane read before unleashing a “strong hard arc” to the pins. Can’t really call it a snap but a decisive move off the friction for sure. I was very impressed with the versatility of this piece. I could play anywhere from 12/13 thru the arrows all the way into 25ish and it just kept truckin pins. Like I said before, I didn’t get to throw any of the other spiders but this one is good, real good. I would say an easy 8.25/10 for reaction.

Shelf appeal in my opinion is about as good as it gets. Since opening the box I have thought nothing but gorgeous, and people that see it in the shop react exactly the same. This one is a head turner for sure. I will say 9/10 for looks on this beauty.

COLOR Red / Navy / PurpleHmr_BlkWidAssassin_core__92707.1390374835.1280.1280.jpg


CORE Gas Mask Core

FACTORY FINISH 500/500/500/1000 Abralon® with Powerhouse™ Factory Finish Polish




#14 RG (2.50) Diff (.056)

#15 RG (2.50) Diff (.058)

#16 RG (2.51) Diff (.048)

MASS BIAS 16# .012 | 15# .014 | 14# .016

Til next time,

Hammer Deadly Aim Review by Zack Jellsey


Hmr_Deadly_Aim__04538.1390354381.1280.1280 Here to review the latest release for the Hammer brand. This new high end rock, the Deadly Aim is eye popping to say the very least. I was excited to give it a try after seeing the colors.

Drilled it up with my favorite assymetric layout, 5.5 pin to pap (under middle finger) which gives me a smooth easy to use reaction. I was impressed by the continuation that I saw out of this ball for being such a high end asymmetrical ball. It made a smooth predictable midlane read and just kept rolling thru the pins no matter how far left i get. I would really like to see how this ball rolled with a stronger pin up layout. Although I did see one thing that I wasnt crazy about, once the lanes transitioned a bit and had some carry-down; the ball struggled to make the corner. Overall I think this Hammer nugget was good, I would say 6.5/10 for reaction.

Shelf appeal here is either gonna be great or horrible and no in between. Some folks will love it and some will hate it. At least it will get noticed. I personally like the color combo of bright orange/red/yellow. I would say 8.5/10 for shelf appeal.Hmr_Deadly_Aim_core__45780.1390354380.1280.1280

COLOR Red / Orange / Yellow

COVERSTOCK Primer Reactive Solid

CORE Dead Center Core

FACTORY FINISH 500 Abralon®/1000 Abralon®/ 2000 Abralon®/4000 Abralon® with Powerhouse™ Clean N’ Sheen




#14 RG (2.48) Diff (.051)

#15 RG (2.49) Diff (.054)

#16 RG (2.53) Diff (.051)

MASS BIAS 16# .008 | 15# .008 | 14# .010

Thank you for reading!!

900 Global Network Review by Zack Jellsey


Network_Ball_image__87677.1390062209.1280.1280.jpgHere is my blog for the 900 Global Network. Been awhile since I have thrown a Global ball, about 4 years ago I was on staff with them. I was excited to see what they’ve been up to.

I punched up the Network trying to get the most angular reaction I could find out of it. The Network was shockingly great, better than expected. Let’s just say, for the video shoot, this was the fastest ball we have ever done. It was not hard to strike with this one. It seemed that I couldn’t get it far enough right as it would charge back from almost anywhere.

I was most impressed with how this ball hit the pins, it slapped every 10-pin out and usually ran the 8-pin over. Very nice reaction thru the pins. I will rate it 8.75/10 for overall reaction.Network_Core_image__61971.1390062209.1280.1280.jpg
Shelf appeal I wasn’t crazy about on the Network. A blend of brown and goldish pearl reminding me of “rootbeer”. The pearl is good and deep but not crazy about the browns. I would say 5/10 for shelf appeal.

Thank you guys,