Storm Products will be launching their bowling shoes line this summer.


The hottest brand in bowling, Storm Products, pairs up with the number one bowling shoes brand in the bowling industry, Dexter, to bring a brand new line of Storm Bowling Shoes for the 2012-2013 bowling season.  Although the Storm bowling shoes are not scented like their bowling balls, they are an upgrade in the athletic shoe designs and have high performance shoe models as well.  Each Storm shoe has a toe caps for longevity for the toe of the shoe, and each shoe has raised heels which slide better than the basic athletic shoe that has the flat heels.  Unique styles, colors and upgrades make this line of shoes different than what is currently offered in the industry now.  Storm also has 2 mens and 2 ladies high end shoe models that have similar technology to Dexter’s SST 8.  Again the colors are going to be a hit in this price point.  They also have an upgrade to the toe pieces that will make this shoe perform better and make it more durable.  Keep a look out on our facebook page and our other media outlets to get sneak peek to the shoes styles and colors.  The heels on and traction soles are also awesome bright colors.  More information will be coming in the very near future.  Keep checking out for all of the latest information for these great shoes from Storm!

Hammer Taboo Jet Black, Track 508A, Storm Modern Marvel and Crossroad all coming to you in February 2012


February is gonna be exciting, with Hammer releasing the last ball in the Taboo series the Taboo Jet Black, this Taboo alarmingly like the original Black Widow, with the same core and almost the same color scheme, I am pretty sure this will be another great hit for Hammer.  Another EBI release is from Track, the 508A, with the 607A core wrapped around with the 2000 grit abralon 505A cover.

Storm will have 2 releases, Modern Marvel is the latest addition to the Master Line to join the Marvel and Marvel Pearl, with the new hybrid coverstock.  Crossroad joining the Thunder Line, can we say Victory Road on steroid?

Let’s see what the manufacturers has to say….

Hammer’s Taboo series balls are known for their strong finish. With the third edition of the aggressive Grand Theft Reactive coverstock, and the legendary Gas Mask core, the Taboo Jet Black not only gets down the lane, she finishes hard too. There’s nothing sweet about this Taboo.

The 508A
Track’s intent with the all new 508A is to bring you a new and improved version of the original 505A.
What makes the 508A an improved version of the 505A? First we started with the ever popular Legion Core that we used in the best-selling Track ball in recent years, the 607A. Next we worked on creating a cover that would be just as angular as the cover used on the 505A. After testing several different covers, we said to ourselves, “if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.” By combining the MP GEN 4 Reactive Pearl veneer and the Legion Core, we have provided Track fans with a ball motion that is stronger than the 505A while maintaining the same overall look on the lanes.

The 508A, with the help of the new MP GEN 4 reactive Pearl Coverstock, is designed to be stronger off the spot that its predecessor. The 508A also brings a different surface than the 505A as now we use three different grits of Abralon® pads, 800 Abranet®, 1000, and 2000 Abralon®, followed by Powerhouse™ Factory Finish Polish.

The intermediate and overall differential are higher in the new 508A which provide more flare potential and a stronger overall core than the 505A. The combination of the MP GEN 4 Reactive Pearl veneer and the modified Legion Core, should provide you with a quicker responsive and overall more agrressive product than the previous 500 series balls.



One of the most popular balls of this year’s World Series of Bowling, the Marvel™ Pearl was preferred by Ryan Shafer, Dom Barrett, and many more looking to open up the backends. The new Modern Marvel will provide more midlanetraction as it features a textured R2X™ hybrid reactive cover.

Prepped with 4000-grit Abralon® to match the “modern” environment, the Modern Marvel provides an optimum amount of traction throughout the entire lane; just enough glide through the heads without over-skidding and enough backend to verify you are indeed throwing a Storm bowling ball.

The Centripetal™ core’s symmetrical shape provides countless drilling options. So feel free to drop your favorite layout in the Modern Marvel as this shape has quickly become one of the favorites of players around the globe. And if you are looking for something a touch different than what you already have, be sure check out the Storm symmetrical drilling guide as you’re sure to find exactly what you need.

With this outstanding combination of coverstock and core, you’ll quickly see why this new release from Storm is sure to become a true modern marvel.



The number one factor of ball motion is coverstock. So, when we are looking to expand upon the Victory Road with the proven components of the Hy-Road, we first started with the R2S hybrid reactive shell that seemed to match up on every lane condition imaginable.

Finished to 1500-grit as well, the new Crossroad is sure to skid through even the most hooking heads around. But if your speed is higher and the heads are slick, you can still adjust the surface texture easily as R2S is one of the most versatile coverstocks on the market.

Encasing the Hy-Road shell around the Victory Road’s Inverted Fe³ Technology™ weight block gave us the best of both worlds. The advancements made in Fe³ allowed us to utilize a larger mass to increase the dynamics, upping the differential approximately 15% in the 15 pounders.  More differential equals moreflare, and you can control the amount of flare with the proper layout. Put your favorite layout in the new Crossroad and your next tournament you’ll be the first to cross the finish line!

Columbia 300 Dark Encounter WWRD Jan 5th, 2012


Columbia 300 Dark EncounterFirst ball coming out of Hopskinville, KY in 2012 is the latest the greatest from Columbia 300, the Dark Encounter, the second ball from the Encounter line.  Here is what Columbia 300 wants to say.

Bowling the world over just got easier with Columbia 300’s Dark Encounter.

Elastin 7.5 Solid
The Elastin chemical breakthrough carries in with the Dark Encounter. The original Encounter featured a pearl version of the revolutionary Elastin coverstock at a strength of 6.0 out of 10.  The chemical engineers at Columbia 300 have taken this technology to a new level by creating even larger pores and increasing the length of the polymer chains in a solid version of Elastin.

Columbia 300 Dark Encounter CoreEncounter Core
The Encounter core is the same dynamic core found in the original Encounter.  Bowlers have come to love the Encounter core for the performance it provides through strong and versatile performance characteristics.

What To Expect
Columbia 300 has taken ultimate traction in oil to the next level with the new Elastin 7.5 Solid coverstock without sacrificing great backend motion. The proven core along with a great new cover will provide the big hook you’ve been looking for.

Roto Grip DEFIANT, a flagship release for the new Royal Line


RoyalRoto Grip maybe pushing the new Defiant over the top this time, positioning the Royal line above the Crown, Sword and Shield lines, and with the Royal line emblem combining all of the 3 emblems design, indicates it might be the best of all 3 lines?  And pay some attention at the core, this is one of the best looking core I’ve seen.

Here is what Roto Grip has to say….


Roto Grip DefiantParagon coreAt Roto Grip, we rule the lanes! And you better have your game in gear if you want the same.

Defiant CoreStarting at the center, the “GUTS”, the new Paragon™ core features contours designed to help expand the RG planes of the ball. This unique elliptical shape defines predictability of axis migration and allows you to perfectly match up your ball reaction to the condition at hand. Strong midlane roll and a HUGE continuous, sweeping hook on the backend! This is a serious technological advancement.

Moving on to the shell, the “GRIT”, we’ve developed a new MicroBite™ coverstock that is stronger and more textured than the competition. Microtechnology, the use of extremely-small structured additives down to a millionth of a meter, makes this possible. When finished with 3000-grit Abralon®, this new MicroBite shell creates friction where others just cannot!

And finally, looking at the “GRIME”, the designated oil pattern and lane condition, the Defiant is sure to handle even the heaviest amounts of oil. Today’s lane oils have more solids than ever before, making the lanes very slick at times. With the new Defiant, no more worrying about heavy oil often found on tournament shots! Roto Grip has you covered.

Nothing Hits Like a Hammer and now Hammer Hits Like a Brick, Skulls All Over by


Hammer BrickHammer Brick CoreHammer Bowling next best thing is the BRICK, with a Brick Mirror Plane Asymmetric core (MPA), wrapped with a GTR Hybrid cover.

Hammer’s bowling balls are known for hitting hard, and the new Brick upper-mid performance ball is no exception. With an advanced new core design matched with the strongest veneer ever used on a Hammer ball at this performance level, the Brick is destined to be a staple in every bowler’s bag.

The new Brick Mirror Plane Asymmetric (MPA) core design is completely asymmetric in shape, a highly unusual feature of the ball. The core is not high mass bias, however the low RG is not in the geometric center of the ball.
“This core shape was designed for a specific purpose,” explained Ron Hickland, Ball Design Engineering Manager. “The pro shop operator can tweak ball motion by making smaller layout changes when drilling the Brick. Those smaller layout changes will produce bigger performance changes in ball motion for the bowler.”

When you have a core as special as the Brick MPA, you have to make sure you have a coverstock that makes the most of the core’s performance. The GTR Hybrid cover does the trick.

SKULLS ALL OVER FRONTAlso please check out our latest exclusive ball, Skulls All Over, available December 1st.

Lane#1 Pearl Panther, Track 716T and Roto Grip Defiant in the making.


Pearl PantherLane#1 Pearl Panther CoreLane#1 Christmas release is the Pearl Panther.  Within the darkness of destruction, rose the beast of annihilation. The Lane #1 Pearl Panther bowling ball, with its all new ION Pearl coverstock, leaps longer and farther down the lane, giving monstrous bite on the backend. The pins will no longer stand strong, they’ll be eaten alive.

Roto Grip DefiantTrack is cooking the 716T to go along with the 716C while Roto Grip is putting out their own version of Nano and calling it “Defiant“, maybe end of January 2012?

Columbia 300 Omen and a Dark Encounter?


Columbia 300 is on a run, Benchmark just came out on the 10th of this month and today they announced another new ball Omen “happening” December 15th just in time for Christmas, well Omen and Christmas in the same sentence?  And the “source” told me there will be a new Encounter…..a Dark Encounter coming soon….Stay tuned !!

Columbia 300 OmenColumbia 300 Omen CoreBend-It
Bend-It Reactive is a brand new formulation that was built to handle heavy to medium amount of oil. Bend-It has a great amount of surface friction built into the shell and is finished with an aggressive finish in order to enhance the Omen’s footprint on the lane.  Don’t let the pearl fool you, Bend-It was made to grab the lane.

Capsule Core
The Capsule core was designed to provide great performance and versatility while also being very simple.  A simple symmetric shape with great performance characteristics was chosen in order to be very driller and bowler friendly.  The low RG Capsule revs up early and the high Differential helps create a large amount of flare for great continuation in the backend.

What To Expect
The new core, cover and finish process for the Omen makes it one of the best choices in the Columbia 300 lineup for heavier oil conditions.  Players with lower rev rates and/or higher speeds will also enjoy the amount of hook the Omen creates.