Columbia 300 The Beast Mode Review by Joel Ricketts


The_Beast_ModeThe Beast Mode Review
We here at teamed up with Columbia 300 to produce a new ball, The Beast Mode! We wanted to bring back the awesome reaction that the Beast line of balls is known for, and a limited amount of balls made. We had only 400 of these balls produced! I think we hit a home run with this ball. We used the Modified Messenger Core. The RG numbers are 2.56 and has a .047 diff at 15 pounds. We wanted to use this core to get the ball down the lane and retain as much energy and motion on the back of the lane as we could. We used the CR300 cover that is found on the popular Eruption Pro. We added some pearl to this cover to also make more motion on the backend of the lane.
With the core and cover combo we explained above, I think you can tell we wanted a ball tha turned heads when it hit the backend, but also had that classic Beast performance, updated with today’s amazing technology. When I did the video and the testing of this ball, I really wanted to go into it with an open mind and to be objective. I was so pleased with the reaction and pin carry, and hitting power this ball has. We, as a team with Columbia 300, nailed the reaction we were looking for. Its going to be a ball that will work great for all styles of players, and on a wide range of lane conditions. For me it struggled on the heavy volumes, but as soon as some of that heavy oil went away I am able to play with this piece for a long time.
The shelf appeal and cosmetics of this ball are awesome. We used an Ice Blue color with a little bit of silver. The ball looks amazing in my bag and even better going down the lane. The original orange color for the logo really pops off the ball, but doesn’t look off colored as it goes down the lane. With the backend motion and the color of this ball, people will surely be asking you what it is that you’re throwing. C300_Freeze-Core


IMPORTANT: We only had 400 of these balls made. Once they are gone, they are gone. We will not be ordering anymore, which actually is a shame because of how good this ball is. Don’t miss out on this piece, it is really something awesome. Get one of these, shoe up, and have fun!! Thank you as always for reading our blogs and checking out our videos! I look forward to getting these balls out to you guys!

RG:  2.56 (15#)

Diff:  .047 (15#)

Finish:  500, 500, 500, Abralon®, 1500 Abranet™ Soft,

Factory Polish @ 300 RPM

Coverstock:  CR300

Weights:  14-16

Thank you,
Joel Ricketts

Motiv Sigma Sting by Joel Ricketts


Motiv has now expanded the Fusion Pearl Reactive coverstock to the Sigma line with the new Sigma Stingq. This ball has a lower RG than the other balls that have this cover, such as, Primal Rage and the Tribal. This gave the ball much more midlane and did not sacrifice backend motion or hitting power. I drilled my Sigma Sting with a 5” pin to PAP and the pin was actually in the ring finger. This is one of my favorite layouts. This ball was stronger than I was expecting. I was, literally, moving every couple of shots. This thing was a monster. Sigma Sting should handle heavier amounts of oil in the front portion of the lane surface with ease, give really good midlane motion and have a lot of energy for the pins once it gets there. I was able to move farther left and let it fly and not once was I worried about it not hooking back. This would be a great first ball out of your bag to read the lane, and adjust when this ball stops working. If you have the Tribal or the Primal Rage and wanted more midlane and overall motion, this would be a killer choice. I think this ball fits in to the line beautifully and rounds the Motiv line out.MTVBSSYKP_Sigma_Sting_Halfcut__88207.1383751691.1280.1280
I really liked the look of the ball. Vibrant colors, an orange logo that really stands out off the ball really makes this ball pop. Another great looking, easy to spot ball from Motiv. They have been doing a great job making their balls recognizable and are performing better and better. I think in the next coming years Motiv is going to be a real force in this industry. Let’s grade this ball out. This was a piece they really needed it and did a great job with it. It rolls well, hits well and has great pin carry. I’d give it a A-. Cosmetically it looks the part as well. They have a great color scheme and logo choice. I’d give this a very solid B+. Thanks so much for reading the blog and as always for all of the information on this ball check out!
Joel Ricketts
Weight Range: 12# – 16#
Inner Core: SigmaTM
Coverstock: FusionTM Pearl Reactive
Finish: 1500 Grit / Polished
15#RG:2.47, Diff: .047
Ball Color: Black Pearl/Yellow Pearl NeoMarkTMColor: OrangePearl/SilverPearl

Ebonite Legacy


Ebo_Legacy__30520.1381875345.1280.1280Ebonite Legacy

Here is my review for the newest Ebonite release the Legacy. As much as I loved the Source I was very excited to try this solid version of basically the same ball.

I had my hubby (Zack Jellsey) drill it 4×4 which puts the pin over my ring finger and added a bit of factory finish polish to the box surface. For me this is a very aggressive layout. First night out in league I started a bit slow with 207 trying to get used to how strong this ball is compared to my Source, then got goin a little better with 238 (couple stubborn 10 pins) before 268 my last game while swinging the ball a bit more than usual. I loved being able to move in and know it would come back from almost anywhere. Hitting power was very good considering when I move left I can fight the dreaded flat 10.Ebo_Legacy_Core__70853.1381875389.1280.1280

Shelf appeal on this ball is good but not amazing. Zack teases me cuz I like balls that are “pretty”, and this one is just OK. I would rate it 6/10 for looks.

Thank you for reading our blogs & for more information please visit us at:,

Jenelle Jellsey

Cruel Intent


MTVBCIGBP_Cruel_Intent_Front_Logo__27847.1381415623.1280.1280Cruel Intent

Motiv has a new member in the Cruel line, and it’s Cruel Intent. I drilled the video ball 60x5x30. This allowed the ball to easily get through the front of the lane and let its energy out on the back of the lane. This ball has the Fusion pearl coverstock on it, the same cover as the Primal Rage and Tribal. You can use the same coverstock, for three totally different lane patterns because of the core differences. Cruel Intent has a pretty strong asymmetric core that will allow this ball to get started sooner and respond faster to friction allowing you to use this ball when the lanes are pretty tight. As the lane transitions, and if this ball starts to hook too early, you can move to a Primal Rage or Tribal and continue to get the backend motion you’re looking for. Cruel Intent hooked about 5 boards more than my Tribal on this typical house pattern. I think if there was more volume on the lane, and less free hook to the right, the difference between these two balls would have been much greater. Pin carry and the hitting power were defiantly there with this ball.MTVBCIGBP_Cruel_Intent_Halfcut_Chrome__59364.1381415622.1280.1280
I really like the concepts Motiv comes up with when it has to do with colors, names, logos and marketing. I like the name and logos very much on this ball, but the color itself if just okay to me. I do think Motiv fans will like this ball, especially if they liked the #redball (Primal Rage) or the Tribal. To grade this ball out, Performance: I would give it a B, its defiantly above average and overall good. Cosmetics: I would give this ball a C. Maybe it’s because my standards are set so high with Motiv with their color combinations and this one is just average to me. As always, for all of the information on this ball and all of the Motiv Products visit!

Joel Ricketts Co-Founder

Brunswick Mastermind


I could do this review in three words. THIS BALL HOOKS! The first couple shots I threw with this ball hooked off the lane! I drilled this ball similar than other high end asymmetric balls in the past. This may have been one of the most hooking balls I have ever thrown. At times it was too much hook, and I said “this thing is a monster”.  I will polish it when I attempt to throw this again. Mastermind has great hitting power when I got it to the pocket, which at times was difficult. High ball speed/Low rev rate players will LOVE this ball. Player that have heavy oil for their league will love this ball as well. There will not be a doubt if the ball is going to hook. If you have a problem getting bowling balls to hook, give this a shot!Mastermind_Core_png__34634.1381869467.1280.1280
          As I have stated before, I am a sucker for orange! I really like this ball as it rolls down the lane. Vibrant colors and tons of hook! This ball will be noticed and get you noticed! I like the name and logo combination. Someone is really a Mastermind that made this ball hook that much. Grading this ball out is difficult for me. If I am grading on hitting power and overall hook, this ball gets an A. Although it was difficult for me to control on the lane conditions that I was on at times. The colors on this ball really pop. I like it a lot. I would give that a solid B+. You need hook? Look no further! Check out all of the information on this ball at!
Joel Ricketts

Brunswick Melee


Brunswick has a new high performance ball called Melee. I have thrown a lot of Brunswick balls in the past, and this one has as much back end motion as anything I have thrown from them in quite some time. I used it for the video on a standard house condition, and it was pretty impressive. It was very strong off the spot down the lane, but did not over react to the extremely dry outside portions of the lane like a lot of balls with a skid/flip type of motion. I used a 5 ½ pin from PAP, over my bridge, to try to get this ball to store up energy for the backend, and did it ever. It had very good hitting power. A few times I turned around and was chuckling because the ball was splitting the 8 and 9 pins in half. I think this is a ball you could see a lot of the Brunswick touring guys using at the World Series of bowling that is upcoming in Las Vegas, NV.Melee_Core__19552.1381765248.1280.1280
Brunswick wanted an “old school” look to this ball and they got it. When I took it out of the box I thought I had a old red urethane balls from the late 80’s. We joked as we filmed this video that it looked a “red house ball”. Although it didn’t roll like one! The looks of this ball are different, and I give them some credit for that. I am not a huge fan of the color, but it may be one of those balls that grows on you after awhile. For a grade, Performance: I would have to say it was pretty good and I would give it a solid B. I would feel confidant drilling this for my customers. Cosmetics: While I am not a huge fan of the color, it should get noticed and generate some talking about. I will give it a B for its concept alone. Nice work in this piece by Brunswick, and I hope they have the color right on this ball because it could be a gem. For all of the information visit!
Joel Ricketts

Motiv Tribal


          Tribal is everything Motiv said it was going to be. It looks great, and has some serious back end motion! With cores that have higher RG and lower to medium differentials, I tend to drill these with stronger pins so that I don’t throw the ball through the breakpoint. The RG on this ball is 2.55 and diff of .037. The cover on the Tribal is the same cover from the Primal Rage! If you have the Primal Rage, and by the third game it starts to hook too much and you have to go too far to the left, this ball is your answer! Tribal is east through the front half of the lane, and when it reads the friction on the backend, it unleashes a ton of snap on the back. This ball goes need to have some dry on the lane. If there is too much oil on the lane you could see and over/under reaction with it. It’s very responsive to the dry on the backend. If you have and liked the Primal Rage, this is a must have in your bag!tribalcore
          The looks of this ball is off the charts. It’s everything a pro shop guy could want. Its different looking, GREAT logos, and gets the customer touching the ball all on its own. This ball is a can’t miss for customers to see and start talking about it. There is not much else you can do to the cosmetics of a ball to make it any better. I would grade performance of this ball an A-. Cosmetically: I would grade this ball an A. This piece has great looks and great performance. What else more do you need? Check out all of the information on this ball at!
Joel Ricketts

AMF Incinerate Pearl


AMF has this new Incinerate Pearl! This ball was a big surprise to me. I was not too familiar with the motion of the AMF balls, seeing that it has been awhile since I have drilled one for myself. I liked the core numbers in the ball (2.54 RG .050 Diff) so I used one of my favorite layouts with this ball, (4 ¾ x 4 ½) a simple stacked drilling on the label. This ball got down the lane easily and had some real bang on the backend! Pin carry was better than I anticipated. I even made a few mistakes on release and asked the ball to “hook” or “carry” in my head and it did just about every time. With this ball I can see a lot of different styles of players liking this ball on a most lane patterns. I do think it will struggle with extreme oils, and extreme dries, but will do a pretty dang good job on those medium conditions which we see most of the time!Incinerate_Pearl_core_image__67292.1379099994.1280.1280
What can I say? I am a sucker for orange! I really like the colors of this ball. Orange and Black pearl, a nice contrast in colors that make this ball standout. I do like the name as well, it’s different and catchy. The logo is the only real turnoff for me. The logo is kind of plain, and just there. I wish there was a different font maybe, and some more flames. But overall, it’s a pretty good looking ball. Let’s grade this thing out! Performance: Better than I thought it would be, I would feel just fine drilling this for someone at my center. I’d give this a very solid B+. Cosmetically: I am a sucker for orange, so the grade for me maybe higher than others, but I would give it a B+. Overall, solid piece for a lot of bowlers on typical league patterns! Thank you for reading our reviews, and check out all the info for this ball at or!
Joel Ricketts

DV8 Dude


            The DUDE! I was pretty excited to do the video review for this ball. With all of the success and good bowling done with the Diva, I was pretty sure this would be a fun one to do. I drilled this ball with a 5” pin from my axis to allow the ball to go down the lane and make a harder turn on the backend. This ball went long! I was pretty surprised how long it went. Once I slowed my speed down, and moved in on the lane to allow it some room to the right it came back pretty well. I thought I would see more motion right off the bat than I did. This ball struggled to make the move down lane that I wanted until I slowed down. I could have drilled the ball with a stronger layout to see more motion, and I probably will when I drill this ball for a customer unless that person has a higher rev rate.Dude_Core__26163.1380691898.1280.1280
            The whole concept of the Dude is pretty cool. The Diva was a big hit for us on our site and in our shops. The Color combo and logos were PERFECT. This color scheme does not say “Dude” to me. I think the black color is good, but a purple color does not say “dude” to me. I wish the color was more vibrant, like all of the other DV8 balls. Dude is a little to plain for me. Grading this ball out, performance I thought was very average. I’d give it a C. Cosmetically it’s lacking. I would grade the looks at a C. I still think this ball is going to sell well, and do well for DV8. I will drill them stronger for my customers for more performance. Thank you for reading these reviews and checking out our videos! For all of the information on this ball please check out!
Joel Ricketts

Radical Yeti Untamed


            Along with the Reax Version 2, Yeti Untamed is a new ball from Radical. When we did the video reviews for this ball I drilled it with a 5 ½ inch pin from PAP to allow the ball to store some more energy for down the lane because of the low RG and high differential this core processes. It defiantly went longer than the Reax Version 2 and had a little bit more down lane. For me, the two balls had about 3-4 board difference in overall hook, with the Reax version 2 hooking a little bit more. Yeti rolled pretty good and had decent hitting power. I do think this ball could struggle when the heads get a little too dry or if you have a lower rev rate and have to move farther inside on the lane. On fresh type of lane patterns this ball will roll pretty well.60_105590_93x_YETI_Untamed_Core_Image__49882.1380691065.1280.1280
            Cosmetically I like the color combination of this ball. Kind of safe, but still enough contrast with the green and black that it stands out. When you see that ball going down the lane, you’ll know what it is. The logo leaves something to be desired, for me. I am not a fan on big logos, and this one has a huge logo. Overall grading on this ball, performance: I would say this ball is above average and I would give it a B grade. I like the black and green color but the logo knocks it down for me. There is nothing WOW about the way it looks. I would say average and about a C grade. Thank you so much for reading our reviews and watching our videos. For all of the information on this ball check out!
Joel Ricketts Co-Founder