This Sunday at 1pm EST the PBA tour will take the air on ESPN. This show will be the finals for WBT (World Bowlers Tour). There will be a men’s and woman’s televised finals. Three athletes in the men’s and woman’s divisions made the TV finals.
Match one on the men’s side has Sean Rash vs. Jason Belmonte. There is a lot of buzz about this match due to the “bottle b!*ch” situation this past summer. This should be an entertaining match more to due with those guys bowling extremely well during the qualifying portions of the WSOB. The situation that happened between these guys will be a non factor, they are both pros and want to win this match and won’t let those outside distractions be a factor. But its fun to talk about.
The ladies side has Swedish star Nina Flack and her Team Sweden teammate, 20-year-old Sandra Andersson. This show also has 20 time PWBA Champion Carolyn Dorin-Ballard. The folks who enjoy ladies bowling can’t miss this show.
This show show a lot of international flavor, and get used to it. The WSOB shows are filled with international talent. All in all, its great for bowling to be back on TV for a few months. Lets hope people can find it on TV and tune in!