The crew just got their hands on Storm’s newest Hot Line entries- the Manic and the Fringe. These 2 balls are designed to fit around the Frantic which has been wildly popular for many players. They feature the same cover-stock and core combination as the 2Fast and the 2Furious.

Storm ManicStorm Fringe

  • All of our testing was done on a typical 40 foot house oil pattern.
  • All the balls used in this review were drilled 5.5″ x 5″ with no balance holes.

Ball review was done using the following players-

  • Storm/Roto-Grip advisory staff player and Bowlers Junction Pro Shop Manager Zack Jellsey. Zack is a medium to high rev player with above average ball speed.
  • Pins ‘n Needles Pro Shop/Bowlers Junction owner Joel Ricketts. Joel is a medium rev player with average ball speed.
  • PBA Tour Champion and BowlersDeals.Com‘s Official Product Testing/Reviewing Specialist Mike DeVaney. Mike is a high rev player with average ball speed.

Manic–  The Manic came out of the box with slightly more shine to it than most of the other Storm solid balls we have seen recently. We would say it is in the neighborhood of 3k abralon out of box. With the Manic, we saw a strong continuous arcing motion. This solid cover allowed us to play left of the oil line and not sacrifice our carry. Good response down lane meant our entry angle was still there. It easily cleared the heads and had a nice controllable motion through the mid lane. This ball went through the pins well and keeps them low. This ball does not have nearly the oil sensitivity that we saw in the Frantic or the 2Fast. We see this ball as being the most versatile of the bunch. We saw consistent reaction on both fresh and when the lanes had transitioned.

FringeThe Fringe comes out of the box like all other Storm pearl covers, 1500 grit polished. For us, this ball is extremely clean through the front of the oil pattern. We saw anywhere from 5-10 boards less hook on the fresh house pattern as the ball traveled 5-7  feet further down lane before making its migration towards the pocket. Although keep in mind, that when the pattern started to go away, we all saw more hook out of the Fringe. When this ball encounters any friction it really responds. It is more angular off any friction spot than either the Frantic or the Manic, and we all agree it is also more oil sensitive than those two as well. We see this ball as something for later shifts, broken down patterns, tournament patterns, and basically for the bowlers who want to see the length and snap that Storm has always been known for.

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